talks & tastings


Cheese writer and World Cheese Awards judge Patrick McGuigan is hosting a series of tastings at the London Cheese Project throughout the weekend.  The hour-long tutored tastings with matching beers cost £15. Tickets include entrance to the London Cheese Project festival (£4 separately).

DIRECTIONS: Talks will be held in the Culture Club tasting room inside the Geffrye Museum (down the stairs next to the cafe). 


4&5 Nov, 12pm-1pm
Join cheese writer Patrick McGuigan as he pushes the boundaries of the cheeseboard with a tutored tasting matching some of the country’s best cheeses with cutting edge accompaniments and drinks.
Learn how to create a killer cheeseboard with pairings that rip up the rule book. Think chocolate and cherries or fruitcake and honey hazelnuts, plus unusual drinks matches such as beer and sake. This is a red wine- and chutney-free zone.

4&5 Nov, 2pm-3pm
Join cheese writer Patrick McGuigan at the London Cheese Project cheese festival in a tutored tasting exploring how a new generation of cheesemakers is shaking up the British dairy industry.
Learn how to taste cheese like a professional, as World Cheese Awards judge Patrick showcases the up-and-coming artisan producers that are reshaping British cheese.
From young Suffolk farmers with a passion for raw milk to a corporate high flier who gave up the rat race to make cheese in Peckham, we will learn about the faces behind the fromage and how they are reviving a sector that came close to dying out.

RAW POWER: the rise of raw milk cheese
4&5 Nov, 4pm-5pm
Cheeses made with raw milk are growing in popularity as people look for foods made in traditional ways and that are rich in microbes to boost health.
Join cheese writer Patrick McGuigan at the London Cheese Project in a tutored tasting as he delves deeper into the topic, exploring the differences between pasteurised and unpasteurised cheeses and covering issues such as flavour, health and food safety.
Why are some cheesemakers so committed to raw milk? Are unpasteurised cheeses always better than pasteurised? And what are the health benefits of raw milk cheese?

*Please note, these events are for over-18s only and some of the cheeses will be made with raw milk and non-vegetarian rennet. A minimum of six cheeses will be tasted, plus at least two drinks.